You Forgot Closing Costs?


How much are closing costs in New Hampshire?

In addition to lender imposed fees (loan origination charges, points, cost of appraisal, etc.) other charges may unexpectedly appear, leaving buyers short on cash (and breath) just before closing.

Use the Closing Cost Calculator below for an estimate.

Here are 5 of the most overlooked expenses that buyers incur:

  1. Lender title insurance
  2. Closing company's title fee
  3. Owners title insurance premium
  4. Recording fees
  5. Transfer tax

The NH transfer tax is 1.5% of the contract price, and is usually split equally between the buyer and seller. All these charges fall directly to the bottom line, inflating the cash needed to close in addition to the down payment required by the loan program.

Is there a way to avoid some of these closing costs?

Yes, it takes only one carefully crafted sentence that needs to be included in the Purchase and Sales agreement.

Foreclosure closing cost assistance may be available:


NH Closing Cost Calculator